The post-university years have tought me that if you don’t pursue your own happiness, you will never find it. I had thought of writing a blog for a few years, but lacked the drive to do it. A week ago, while bored, I started writing a list of things I would like to do/see/experience in and around the city I live in. Within a few minutes and without much effort, I had a list of twelve things that I’d like to try out. So I decided to chronicle my experiences here, with a sprinkling of stuff from everyday life.

Have you ever said “NEVER!”? So have I. Those everyday life stories, without my trying really, seem to have taken a life of their own, with the underlying thesis being “Never say never.” Noted Universe, noted.

Random things I like:

– The numbers 13, and 313. They seem to follow me everywhere. In fact, as I write this, the Publish info on the right tells me I have published this at 3:13. Although untrue, this just goes to prove my theory of the number appearing everywhere in my life.

– The smell of men’s soap, bakeries, and barbecues.

– Hammocks.

The New York Times website.

– Travelling


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