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Driving up to the condo, I had flashbacks of one of the last times I was in this area. Slamming my car door shut, huffing, puffing and stomping through the snow, gearing up to run my mouth with multiple opinions that were barely contained by my pursed lips. Back to the present, we parked the car. I looked out to see the mirror of the place that held many of my memories, fond and not so. I was weirded out, but amused. Two and a half years had passed over those memories after all. No biggie.

I opened the door and was struck by how identical it was to that old place. Literally. The only differences were the items inside, and the mirrored layout. I walked in, and another memory came rushing forward. Bittersweet, this time. I remembered that diagonal wall. I remembered the door I had trouble opening. I remembered the ceiling with its curious stucco patterns. Identical, just mirrored.

I remembered the first room, which in that old place was to your right, but this being the mirror of that place, it was to your left. I peered in and was struck by a bizzaro element. There was my bed, staring me in the face. My bed, that I have owned for the last 10 years. In this condo, identical to the old one, just mirrored. Were it a bed from IKEA, I wouldn’t be surprised, but it wasn’t. I had bought it from a store in Montreal, 500km away, 10 years ago. Though I guess most people wouldn’t be shocked at that, my bed isn’t the most unique thing in the world, but I had certainly never seen anything like it anywhere else when I was shopping for beds all those years ago. But anyway.

Where I remembered light blue walls, I was greeted with bright red. Where I remembered a black leather couch, I saw one printed with leopard spots. Where I remembered an extensive cd collection, rockabilly dolls had found their place. But you know, it was identical, just mirrored.

I didn’t want the unit, it was a tad too small for my taste, in front of train tracks and hydro lines. But it was funny taking that bizzaro walk through time. Damn condo developers.


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