You say potato, I say grilled shrimp with mustard and goat cheese drizzle

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here I am, in the land of association again. First, it was a bag of Miss Vicki’s Jalapeno flavored chips reminding me of a college friend. Now, it’s online “window” shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond reminding me of Saturday morning catnaps in the sunbeam on my parents’ living room floor.

It took me back to the time I transitioned from kid to preteen, when my Charlie Brown bedsheets just didn’t make me happy any more, when they were no longer enough. I remember once picking the sheets at the top of the pile to make my bed, and they happened to be the yellow set. The set that I didn’t typically use, but since I was in the midst of the onerous task of making my bed, I just went with it. That night, I remember turning down my sheets, and suddenly the vast yellowness in front of my eyes made me think of sunshine.

From that moment on, I relished the idea of sleeping in those sheets. Of course, associative memory being what it is, it’s only now that I realize the correlation between those yellow sheets and my catnaps in the sunbeam. Those catnaps were the bookends to my Saturday morning cartoon viewing. Whenever there was a sunbeam to be basking under, I’d plop down on the floor and luxuriate under the radiating heat. I still get giddy when a patch of sunbeam streams across my desk at work, like it did this morning. Best way to start the day.

All this to say, no matter how trendy a color scheme, no matter how often I wear it, I will never buy gray sheets. I’m sleepin in sunshine, whoahoa!

P.S. The title is in reference to an appetizer I had at a Latin restaurant just yesterday. Delish!


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