Gettin nerdy with it

December 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I used to be one of those tragic cases of human being who believed that to participate and get into whatever the social committees were up to wasn’t cool. I thought by not participating and not getting into anything requiring “spirit”, I kept my cool cred intact. I was wrong, as I’ve realized quite often lately.

That would be me at the bottom

You know what’s cool? Letting go of all that BS about being cool by being anti, putting the inhibitions aside, and saying “I had a freaking blast decorating my department for the office Christmas decoration contest.” I can’t remember having had that much fun at work, with my coworkers, ever. That’s why I love nerds. I love when someone can unabashedly throw themselves into something, be it stamp collecting, Star Wars, knitting, math jokes (my own personal brand of nerd-dom) whatever! Anyone who can fully immerse themselves in an activity or hobby, inform themselves of all the minutiae of their chosen interest, learn the lingo, and cite fun facts has become a card-carrying (sometimes literally) nerd, and they should celebrate the fact that they lead a passionate life that disconnected, anti-everything people do not. Life is too short to pretend you’re above letting loose and having fun. Screw the aloof act and get nerdy with it!


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