You say you want a resolution

December 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions often. The last one I made was to run a 5K in 2006. I fulfilled the ability to run 5K in 2009, and have yet to run a 5K race. I don’t believe in the whole “I want to lose 10 pounds after having stuffed my face over the holidays” thing … it just doesn’t work, and brings on a lot of guilt. Screw that. However, sometimes, your life needs a thesis statement. Something like a marker to keep you on track or change any bad habits you’ve adopted. I’ve made some resolutions throughout the year in the past, and stuck to them better than I would any made in a post-New-Year’s-celebration hangover. I think it has a lot to do with the date itself, and how society has adopted the idea of change beginning on January 1st. I myself have bought into this, so while I dislike it, I understand it as well. It’s like a cleaning of the slate. Back to square 1. That kind of thing. But who says you can’t do that on any arbitrarily picked date on the calendar?

Basing myself on this argument, here are a few of my resolutions pertaining to life in general.

1. When you say you will do something, go through with it.
2. Have faith.
3. Be less sarcastic.
4. Be less cynical.
5. Be patient.
6. Seek the positive in life.

Starting right… NOW!



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