In honour of American Thanksgiving…

November 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

I am thankful for many things. My family and friends. My health. My ability to provide myself with the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) and then some (travel). But on a day like today, at the tail end of a week filled with work issues with contractors, I have to stop and say thanks to the people I see most in my life: my coworkers and boss.

When I graduated from university 6 and a half years ago, I thought I’d get a cushy job in Dubai, learning the ropes in my field, and making a mint to bring home at the end of my 1-2 year-contract. I thought I’d move back home, buy myself a nice condo, have zero debt, and travel anywhere my heart desired. Of course I’d have another cushy job supporting myself so the money flow would be endless. Very little of my expectations had to do with the work I’d be doing to obtain all these goals.

Things didn’t turn out as I thought they would. Life lesson #1: nothing will turn out as you thought it would. Quote Conan O’Brien. My lavish expectations were swept under the rug as I had to deal with work. Life lesson #2: you will never get something without nothing. I started working in my field, learning the ropes, almost painfully slowly. Life lesson #3: you have to learn to walk before you learn to run. I tried not to make mistakes, but collided with them head on regardless. Life lesson #4: don’t try not to make mistakes, because you will make them anyway. Oh and let’s not forget Life lesson #5: if you thought you were the shit because you graduated from university, come back down to earth and have yourself a helping of humble pie, cause, my friend, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

That’s what I’ve learned in a nutshell. Post-graduation has been one learning experience after another. One glaring fact is that I’ve been extremely lucky where workplace is concerned. While learning the ropes, I could have fallen under the hands of a cruel boss (and from the stories I hear my friends tell, there are many), I could have dealt with competitive and backstabbing coworkers, in an environment that screams “every man/woman for him/herself!” But I didn’t. They have been there for me every step of the way, answering all my questions without rolling their eyes, offering me support when I needed it and even when I didn’t, and most importantly, allowing and encouraging me to grow. To each and every one of them, I say thank you. Thank you for checking my work. Thank you for being my cheerleaders. Thank you for calming my meltdowns. Incidentally, the last two apply to my family above all else. So what does that say about my 2nd family? Pretty awesome stuff.

Thank you for making my workplace a place of envy.


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§ 2 Responses to In honour of American Thanksgiving…

  • thestuffithinkabout says:

    Having a good (and knowledgable) boss when you first start out is NEEDED. The man that hired me before I even was out of school was so patient, explained things and always gave me great pointers. He was so supportive and I wish I could have picked his brain more but he left the position before I had enough experience to know what to ask.

    Thumbs up to your awesome work family!

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